Table of delivery times

Delivery information:

In case your order includes multiple items with different delivery times, we will send all items in one shipment if not agreed on otherwise. In this case shipping time for the entire shipment will be the shipping time of the contained item with the longest due date.

Delivery information estimated shipping times:

Deadlines for shipping start, in case of advance payment, at the time of placing your payment at your bank. For all other methods of payment it starts the day after signing your contract agreement for the order and ends at the last day of the shipping deadline. If the last day however should be a saturday, sunday or some other legal holiday the last day of the deadline will be the next working day.

Shipping abroad:

See below schedule for additional shipping times when placing orders abroad:

Countries outside the European Union - DPD shipping:

DPD-Zone 1:Additional delivery time:
Austria (AT), Belgium (BE), Luxembourg (LU), Netherlands (NL)+ 0 Tage
DPD-Zone 2:Additional delivery time:
Czech Republic (CZ), Denmark (DK), Liechtenstein (LI)+ 0 Tage
DPD-Zone 3:Additional delivery time:
France (FR), United Kingdom of Great Britain (GB)+ 0 Tage
DPD-Zone 4:Additional delivery time:
Hungary (HU), Italy (IT), Poland (PL), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SI)+ 1-2 Tage
DPD-Zone 5:Additional delivery time:
Spain (ES), Ireland (IE), Portugal (PT), Sweden (SE)+ 1-3 Tage

Countries inside the European Union - DHL shipping:

DHL Zone 1:Additional delivery time:
Austria (AT), Belgium (BE), Czech Republic (CZ), Denmark (DK), France (FR), Liechtenstein (LI), Luxembourg (LU), Netherlands (NL)+ 1-3 Tage
DHL-Zone 2:Additional delivery time:
Spain (ES), United Kingdom of Great Britain (GB), Hungary (HU), Italy (IT), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SI), Vatican City (VA)+ 3-4 Tage
DHL-Zone 3:Additional delivery time:
Bulgaria (BG), Cyprus (CY), Estonia (EE), Finland (FI), Greece (GR), Ireland (IE), Croatia (HR), Letvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Malta (MT), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Ukraine (UA)+ 3-6 Tage

Countries outside the European Union - DHL shipping:

DHL-Zone 1:Additional delivery time:
Switzerland (CH), Monaco (MC)+ 1-2 Tage
DHL-Zone 3:Additional delivery time:
Belarus (BY), Iceland (IS), Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of) (MK), Moldova (Republic of) (MD), Montenegro (ME), Norway (NO), Serbien (RS)+ 3-6 Tage
DHL-Zone 4:Additional delivery time:
Algeria (DZ), Georgia (GE), Israel (IL), Libanon (LB), Libyen (LY), Morocco (MA), Russian Federation (RU), Syrien (SY), Tunisia (TN), Turkey (TR)+ 3-10 Tage
DHL-Zone 5:Additional delivery time:
United Arab Emirates (AE), Afghanistan (AF), Armenia (AM), Azerbaijan (AZ), Bahrain (BH), Bangladesh (BD), Bhutan (BT), Brunei Darussalam (BN), China (CN), Hong Kong (HK), Iraq (IQ), Iran (IR), Japan (JP), Yemen (YE), Jordan (JO), Cambodia (KH), Canada (CA), Qatar (QA), Kyrgyzstan (KG), Kuwait (KW), Lao People's Democratic Republic (LA), Macao (MO), Malaysia (MY), Maldives (MV), Mexico (MX), Mongolia (MN), Myanmar (MM), Nepal (NP), Oman (OM), Timor-Leste (TL), Pakistan (PK), Papua New Guinea (PG), Philippines (PH), Saudi Arabia (SA), Singapore (SG), Sri Lanka (LK), Korea (Democratic People's Republic of) (KP), Korea (Republic of) (KR), Taiwan (TW), Thailand (TH), Turkmenistan (TM), USA / United States of America (US), Uzbekistan (UZ), Viet Nam (VN)+ 4-12 Tage
DHL-Zone 6:Additional delivery time:
All other countries+ 6 - 25 Tage
*Only valid for deliverys inside Germany. Delivery-times for other countries and informations for the calculation of the delivery-times see here: Table of delivery-times.
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